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My name is Miranda and I am the creator and owner of Mystik Art. I am so glad you have come to visit my art website, and are taking the time to appreciate my artwork, I am beyond grateful for your support.

I'm an artist that specializes in using acrylic and gouache mediums. I have been painting and drawing since childhood and have an overall passion and love for the arts. I currently live in London Ontario, Canada, but I am originally from a smaller town where I started sharing my artworks on social media in early 2020.


My biggest muse is nature; I am continuously inspired by the beauty that nature has, and almost any one of my artworks will have an element of nature within it. I have always loved being outdoors and surrounded by nature and whenever I need artistic inspiration I always find myself going for a walk outside, or looking out at water. 

On my website you can purchase my original paintings in both acrylic and gouache paint. You can also purchase fine art prints of many of my original paintings. At any given time I will have limited edition artwork available, so feel free to check back often to see what's new! You may also request custom paintings on the Commission section of my website. Lastly, you may subscribe to my email list at the bottom of the page to receive exclusive sales every month!

Thank you again for being here, I hope my art brings you joy and love!



You can check out my Youtube channel for painting process videos, art vlogs & discussions, and more behind the scenes content!💜

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